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The goal was to attract a decent number of people before starting coding. I had for objective 500-1000 people on the Crypto Hunter’s ship page.


I learned several things along the way :

Getting subscriber from Product Hunt

I have been lucky and unlucky because 2 projects of mine (LogoFox and Crypto Hunt) were promoted at the exact same time on the upcoming page.

LogoFox and Crypto Hunter feature in the same time on Product Hunt

It’s really fortunate I made this screenshot. So we can compare how many subscribers we get from Product Hunt on average.

Both projects have been promoted the Nov 9th:

  • Sheetsu Connect : ?
  • LogoFox : 9
  • Crypto Hunter : 6
  • VNDR : ?

Screenshot taken the Nov 12th:

  • Sheetsu Connect : 47
  • LogoFox : 42
  • Crypto Hunter : 26
  • VNDR : 47

Today (Nov 19th):

  • Sheetsu Connect : 86
  • LogoFox : 89
  • Crypto Hunter : 85
  • VNDR : 73


  • The growth of new subscribers starts to slow down after 1 week. As new projects are added on the Upcoming page (thus pushing older project down)
  • It’s hard to know for each project how many subscribers come from Product Hunt. But we can see some project got only 20-30 subscribers even after 2-3 weeks
  • Crypto Hunter doesn’t rank that well…

Bottom line : Don’t expect miracle traffic from Product Hunt. It’s a medium where it’s our job to build a community and bring them on Product Hunt/Ship.

Blog post traffic

I wrote a blog post (I analyse thousands transactions so you don’t have to).

With this blog post I wanted to test 2 things :

  • How much traffic can I get from the crypto community on Reddit and Slack.
  • How the community react to the idea of analyzing transactions to get trading signals

I posted the blog post in:

  • /r/ethtrader: okay and not much traffic (118 views)
  • /r/omgtrader: good reception but little traffic (68 views)
  • /r/district0x: Good reception and good traffic (642 views)
  • /r/metalpay: Very little traffic (6 views)
  • /r/datadash: Good reception and Traffic okay (188 views)
  • /r/cryptocurrency: Very little traffic (18 views only)

Blog post statistic:

Traffic from Reddit


  • The bounce rate sucks! (it’s the people who leave after 0-1 second). I have to figure out the fundamental reason for why it happens (design ? not the good audience ? blog post misleading ?)
  • So at the end, I didn’t get lot of people really reading the article: 703 x 0.09% = 63 real reader
  • And even less reading until the end…So not many subscribers from here. I think the Ship page got 10-20 subscribers more from this blog post. Not the biggest success…

Writing blog post can take longer than coding

I started the blog you’re reading this month so I really don’t have much experience writing.

Add to that, English is not my mother tongue. So it takes a lot of time to get the blog post published.

My goal was to write a series of blog posts about analyzing transactions on the blockchain. But I’m certain now, it will be a lot quicker for me to just get the MVP running as quickly as possible. And add the feature people want along the way. (At least until the end of the Hackathon)

Bottom-line: Focus on your strengths! Not your weaknesses

Attention of people is decreasing (fast)

The blog post was probably too long or not well structured to keep the viewer reading. But there is definitively the attention lifespan that played a big part.

And I’ll be honest, even though I’m aware of this. More and more I catch myself read a blog post in less than 10 seconds. So I really don’t blame anyone.

Bottom-line: Write less. Write better.

So what’s the plan ?

Focus on getting the MVP of Crypto Hunter working asap.

So let’s start now!

And…I record my screen so you can watch it 👀

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