This post follow: Product Hunt Hackathon 2017 : Let’s kickstart

Today we will:

  • Analyse survey answer
  • Make a strategy
  • Find a name
  • Make a logo
  • Design Ship page

Analyse survey answers

I had basically 3 potential ideas I was willing to develop :

  • CryptoNews : All news from Slack, Twitter, Reddit, Newsletter… in one place. Sorted by importance, impact, and date.
  • CryptoSignalTx : Analyze thousands of transactions on the blockchain to find trading signals and price manipulations…
  • CryptoAnalyse: Get advice & alerts based on your trades collected through your Poloniex/Bittrex account.

I tested which one got the most interest in a survey. I got answers from Reddit, Slack/Discord, and the Facebook hackathon group. Here the aggregated result :

  • CryptoNews: 23.91% and and 24.14% willing to pay
  • CryptoSignalTx: 71.74% and 41.38% willing to pay
  • CryptoAnalyse: 23.91% and 20.69% willing to pay.
  • Total answer: 46

So the winner is : CryptoSignalTx

It’s a small sample of participants. But now at least I can move on.

NOTE for people who want to do a survey on the Ship page: Do NOT send cold traffic to your Ship survey. Why ? People came to vote and come right on an email form page. I waste many potential voters because of that. But little mistake quickly fixed. Instead, I made a survey from SurveyPlanet. It’s simple and it worked!


For the next 1-2 weeks the focus is :

  • Learn, Test and Experiment: Can we actually see something analyzing transactions on the blockchain ?
  • Publish result: Post what I’ve found on Reddit/Slack and see how people react.
  • Attract and Grow the subscribers on Ship: I trust the result I will find to attract people
  • Make an App

The goal is really to get a community big enough before I start the development of the app.

Acquisition first. Product after.


Name is the MOST important part of a brand. So I have to make it right.

The name should be :

  • Simple and Memorable
  • Related to my industry
  • Unique

After a little brainstorm…I found those names.

  • CryptoHunter
  • CryptoSnooper
  • BlockchainDetector
  • CryptoDetector
  • BlockchainDetective

For me, “Crypto Hunter” is the best name…But just to be sure… let’s make a quick survey on Facebook Hackathon group.

Survey name facebook

The survey is unanimous. The name is official. It is: Crypto Hunter

Value proposition

The value is also a key element of the brand. It’s what makes people click or want to learn more about your product. So let’s find the best one

  • Analyse thousands of transactions on the blockchain to find trading signals, price manipulations, and unusual activities.

I didn’t find more clear that…So let’s go with that.

Short tagline

  • See what’s really happening on the blockchain
  • I analyze of thousands blockchain transactions so you don’t have to
  • Spot price manipulation and unusual activities on the blockchain
  • Spot unusual activities on the blockchain

Logo and Ship page

Let’s make a quick logo on LogoFox

Crypto Hunter logo

Design the Crypto Hunter’s Ship page a new look.

This is probably what I like the most with Ship. It’s so Fast to get something going. You literally only need a name you can get subscribers on your landing page.

Insanely simple !

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