Ok so for the people who don’t know. Product Hunt is launching a 1 month hackathon from Nov, 1th to Nov. 30th. I participate. And I will share EVERYTHING with you. So we can all learn from it.

Why doing this hackathon?

Because who wouldn’t !?

Seriously, the real reason is things are changing faster and faster. If you look at the startup/tech world. You clearly see products are not marketed and launched the same way than in 2013 (only 4 yr ago). And let’s forget earlier than that.

Adding to that. We have a completely disruptive technology called Blockchain getting lot of momentum lately. AI getting better and better every month. Really, pretty much all industries are moving at a really fast pace. This hackathon is a good way to learn and experiment with something new.

Plus, Product Hunt launched a new service called Ship. And I’m convinced it will shape how all products will be launch/pre-launch in the future.

The rules of the hackathon

Simple. Use the new service ‘Ship’ to launch our product. Jury will select projects mainly on :

  • Problem being solve
  • Community around the project

The Plan

I will focus on 2 metrics :

  • Community on Ship (subscriber number, interaction/suggestions)
  • Usage product and/or sells (the only 2 things that matters)

No matter what I build. First, I focus on attracting people. And if the project gain momentum. Only IF! I start building something. Time is the new currency! And I’m going to save the most of it.

So the plan is:

  • Find 1-3 ideas
  • Take the one that gets the most interest
  • Grow a community. Goal: 1000 subscribers.
  • (if community big enough + interest) Build a product.

The hitch is the first deliverable is in 2 days (Nov, 5th). And I haven’t started yet 😱

But no worries, the first deliverable is to make a Ship page 😉.

So let’s go right into it 🚀


There are 6 categories to choose from:

  • Social Impact
  • Blockchain / Crypto
  • Augmented Reality
  • Slack
  • Google Assistant
  • AI / Machine Learning

I choose Blockchain/Crypto because:

  • It’s HOT 😎
  • I have to think to the acquisition before the idea. And the crypto community is pretty centralized (Reddit, Slack, Discord) and easier to reach.
  • $$$. Easier to sell things when everyone is making money 🤑
  • Personal interest to learn the ‘inside’ of Blockchain

Raw ideas :

[One-moment later…]

Here what I come up with (without censorship).

You will note the originality of each project name😆

  • CryptoRank : Rank crypto by Hypes(sentiment analysis + other also), News, Community
  • CryptoRumor : Buy the rumor. Sell the news. A place to gather crypto rumors.
  • CryptoBuyIn : Analyse the Trading View chart from handpicked pro traders and aggregate signal/trends in a simple way.
  • CryptoNews : All news from Slack, Twitter, Reddit, Newsletter…in one place. Sorted by importance, impact, and date.
  • CryptoSignalTx : Analyse thousands of transactions on the blockchain to find trading signals/price manipulation…
  • CryptoSignal : Simple trading signal for newcomers.
  • CryptoSudden: Be alerted when anything Sudden happens to one of the coins you follow
  • CryptoGrowth: Compare growth of all coins since genesis (market cap , community growth)
  • CryptoAdoption: Measure actual and potential adoption of each coin.
  • TheBullishCoin : Rank coins by ‘Bullishitude’ based on price, volume, sentiment analysis…
  • CryptoAnalyse: Analyse all trades from Bittrex/Poloniex to give you advice, strategy, and signal.
  • CryptoPerfCompare : Compare coin based on tech criteria (number of tx/min…)
  • CryptoNotebook: A online notebook for your trade (write down your trade strategy, stop loss…)
  • CoinInOut : See quantity transaction going in and out the exchange by analyzing the blockchain.
  • SmartContract : Money game with a smart contract.
  • CryptoInfo: Gather all info about the project, teams… in one place
  • CryptoPitch: Basically a Product Hunt-like for smart contract/crypto project.
  • CryptoReview: A TrustPilot focuses on crypto and smart contract.
  • CryptoLifetime: See the life of an address in a beautiful and graphical way

Ok so let’s work on that first. We’ll see if we get new ideas from the Ship survey.

How to weed ideas out ?

After many fail projects. I made my ‘idea question filter’. The more positive question you can answer. The better you will be in the long run.👍

Tip: You don’t need to answer all of them straight away. You can commit 2-4 weeks to a project and decide next. It’s what I’m going to do with this hackathon.

Am i willing to work everyday for the next 3 yr on this ? 🌟

This one is the most important because it’s sum up several micro criterias like :

  • Do I love this project enough ?
  • Am I motivated enough to spend 3 years (6240h) on this ?
  • Do I have a sense of purpose (the WHY) solving this problem ?

In any case scenario. Will I get/be more than before ?

The best project you can find is when even if it fails you have gained something valuable.

For example :

  • Will I learn a valuable skill ?
  • Is my audience going to be bigger ?

Entry barrier / Technical difficulty / Big community / Personal Investment

How the user will be ‘lock’ in your product.

How many time a day/week/months will I use the app ?

It’s easier for you if the users use your app every day rather than once a week/month. Because you can have a tight feedback loop in your product development cycle.

Interest/Love from your audience ❤️❤️❤️

How much time or money should I invest to know if it works or not ?

The less the better.

Is the acquisition of new user easy/difficult ? free/cheap/costly ?

Depending on your situation. It’s something to think as soon as possible.

Is the market growing in the direction of your idea ?

Are people already paying to solve this problem ?

You may think of Google, Facebook, Instagram….But those are the exceptions. And you can argue people were actually paying more and more with their time/attention back then. Anyway, in 99% of cases. It’s easier if people are already paying to solve your problem. Because this means 2 things. First, they know they got this problem. And secondly, they are willing to pay to solve it.

Are people frustrated about their existing solution ?

Can I bring value by creating the simplest app ever ?

How far can I push this idea ?

Is the idea limited by itself ? Or can it be scaled vertically (more feature) or horizontally (duplicate in other markets)

So my 3 picks are :

  • CryptoNews : All news from Slack, Twitter, Reddit, Newsletter… in one place. Sorted by importance, impact, and date.
  • CryptoSignalTx : Analyse thousands of transactions on the blockchain to find trading signals and price manipulations…
  • CryptoAnalyse: Get advice & alerts based on your trades collected through your Poloniex/Bittrex account.

What idea do you love the most ? ❤️

I made a 10-second survey to know which idea do you prefer :

👉 https://s.surveyplanet.com/BJ5ud09A-x

So let’s measure the interest of each of them and see how things go…

On the next episode

  • Which idea got the most interest
  • Find a name
  • Make the strategy/plan

I don’t have a name yet. So I called it: “Project CX” (That’s temporary)

You can follow the project on the Ship page

👉 https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/project-cx/